Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 8, OR, How I Get Called Pretty and Someone's Queen

February 20
I may have watched a couple episodes of this show today instead of writing my religion papers...

February 21
These are the two guys Becca and I buy produce from every Monday. After class we go to the Monday market in Alcala, and for the past couple of weeks we've bought yummy goodness from these hilarious Spaniards.

February 22
This is a pic of the Templo de Debod, the Egyptian temple in the middle of a park in Madrid. Odd that you'd find an Egyptian temple in the heart of Madrid, but there it is. In 1968 UNESCO needed to move the ancient temple from its home in Aswan due to modern construction, and since Spain was so helpful in saving other ancient Egyptian temples, UNESCO donated the temple to Spain.

February 23
Spain is full of gypsies who try to sell you things/steal your possessions. Luisa was attacked by one earlier in the program while we were waiting to meet up with our group, and I was "attacked" by one today while we were waiting at the train station. He came up to me and started talking to me, calling be "guapa" (pretty) and his "reina" (queen), and insisting that we take pictures with one another. Charming though he was, he's a little too short for me and just a little too creepy, especially when he thrust his ipod into my ears and made me listen to his gypsy music. Oh and don't worry--I made sure I knew where his hands were at all times.

February 24
Sorry if it's a little inappropriate, but I had to take a pic with this sign, especially when we stumbled upon it while taking a different route to reach our favorite mercado in Madrid--an innocent excursion suddenly turned into something dirty. The funny thing about this pic is not only the nature of it, but that my head was actually covering the "a" of the word "ahora", so instead of it saying "Chelsea Ahora" (Chelsea Now), it looks like it's calling me a "hora". Awesome.

February 25
Michelle and I after waking up from our naps.
The weather has been DIVINE this week, so much so that it seems like spring has sprung. After exploring the city and knocking off a couple museums and touristy sights, we crashed in Retiro Park and sunbathed and napped for an hour.

February 26
Just in case you didn't know, I'm in love with the Mercado de San Miguel. Not only can you find wonderful tapas and a variety of produce and seafood, they sell a plethora of desserts--remember my giant chocolate truffle? Since the weather has been a little hot this week, we've stopped at the mercado for the past three days to get their frozen yogurt. This frozen yogurt is so good that after splitting a giant bowl of it with someone for the the past 2 days, I finally wizened up and bought my own giant bowl of it for me myself and I. Craving=satisfied, especially when it's topped with melted Nutella and strawberries.

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