Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mackey Hedges

The one and only Mackey Hedges

Last night, and today, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Mackey Hedges, author of The Last Buckaroo. Many of you know that I am in a class at BYU called Literature of the American West, which is how I ended up meeting Hedges. My professor, being a professor, has influence and connections to the world of celebrities, and so through the powers of his connections was able to get Hedges to come out for a day or two.

In honor of his arrival, my classmates and I were able to meet Hedges at our professor's house for dinner and an evening of chatting. Though I have met several authors prior to meeting Hedges, this was definitely one author meeting that I'm not likely to forget anytime soon. Although Hedges may not be a big author in the popular literature circle, or even the New York Times Bestsellers circle, he is widely known and read among the cowboys and buckaroos. There seemed to be no end to his stories and anecdotes, that the hours flew by as he spun his tales for us. Like I said, I've met many authors, but this meeting was so personal and intimate, that it was by far the best author experience I've had.

Even if cowboy lit isn't your "cup of tea", Hedges' writings are definitely entertaining and full of sarcastic humor that appeals to most. His book The Last Buckaroo isn't something I would ever willingly pick up on my own, but give it a try--it definitely gives a good look into the life of a cowboy.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Belated Posts Now Explained

So I may not have posted a couple of things until recently- as in 5 minutes ago. That means that the post that I've been meaning to post since the end of summer, roughly 2 1/2 months ago, was just updated and is now ready for viewing! Just a word of warning: I have many posts in the works, but end up posting other things because I want to get those posts out in cyberspace, and so other posts that I've been working on so diligently are put on the back-burner. But never fear, just a word from the author that if whenever you check out said blog (this blog obviously), just browse around a little bit to see if maybe I've posted a late post, and you'll get the chance to read it! And then that belated little post won't feel like it's been left alone and will end up getting it's proper amount of viewers. Anyway, this is basically a post of apologies to say Sorry! to those who get confused and find a random post that pops up on their news feed of blogs they're following. Just saying. Sorry. Now you know my reasons (again, isn't it obvious? Remember how I go to school for 20 hours a week, and work for 22? Yeah, I live in a black hole of obligations). *Sigh* Alas.

Front and Center

Front and Center by Catherine Murdock, the final installment in the Dairy Queen series (or so the author says, though I'm convinced she may right another one). This one isn't my favorite in the series, but definitely an enjoyable read.

In this installment, D.J. has the daunting task ahead of her of apply for colleges, which petrifies her. Not only does she NOT want to be seen as a "big deal" in sports, but she sure as heck doesn't want to advertise her talent to college scouts and coaches. This book focuses on D.J.'s battle to break free from her awkwardly shy shell as well as how she learns to live after a breakup (and possibly gain a new boyfriend on the side).

This wasn't my favorite book of the series, but I did enjoy reading it, and watching D.J. grow up and learn how to get rid of her fear of greatness. For what it is, this was definitely a good wrap-up to the series, though I would love for Murdock to write another book, just to keep the fun going!