Monday, November 9, 2009

Belated Posts Now Explained

So I may not have posted a couple of things until recently- as in 5 minutes ago. That means that the post that I've been meaning to post since the end of summer, roughly 2 1/2 months ago, was just updated and is now ready for viewing! Just a word of warning: I have many posts in the works, but end up posting other things because I want to get those posts out in cyberspace, and so other posts that I've been working on so diligently are put on the back-burner. But never fear, just a word from the author that if whenever you check out said blog (this blog obviously), just browse around a little bit to see if maybe I've posted a late post, and you'll get the chance to read it! And then that belated little post won't feel like it's been left alone and will end up getting it's proper amount of viewers. Anyway, this is basically a post of apologies to say Sorry! to those who get confused and find a random post that pops up on their news feed of blogs they're following. Just saying. Sorry. Now you know my reasons (again, isn't it obvious? Remember how I go to school for 20 hours a week, and work for 22? Yeah, I live in a black hole of obligations). *Sigh* Alas.

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