Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I miss.....

I've been doing so well. I've adapted to the time difference, the eating schedule, my ridiculously small shower, and even the fact that almost no one speaks English. I even thought I'd be fine with the food (which is pretty amazing), but I can't do it anymore. After 6 weeks of being here, I crave one of these:

Or even better, one of these:

With one of these:

I'm not sure why it just hit me right now (12:45 am), but there's nothing I'd like more than a big, heart-attack inducing burger. Gah! This is going to taunt me for the next 7 weeks, but at least I now know what my first meal in the states is going to be.

1 comment:

Mandy and Paul said...

Are you having these cravings because you're pregnant with a Spanish conquistador's child? This sure is an odd way to reveal the news.