Thursday, February 10, 2011

Michelle's Santiago Memories

When we went on our trip to Santiago de Compostela, our friend Michelle wasn't able to come along due to prior engagements in the Basque country of Spain. To keep her with us in spirit, she drew us a picture of what was supposed to be a panda riding a magnificent unicorn, but turned into a raccoon riding a pterodactyl to carry with us wherever we went:

Although she drew us a self portrait to remember her by, she didn't realize that we'd take the picture of her with us at every leg of our journey. Michelle, these memories are for you!

You were there with us when we bought our traditional tub of ice cream...

...and when we saw your likeness attached to a picture frame in a store!

You liked the odd naked woman sitting on a bull statue so much, that you INSISTED we get a picture of you (Becca felt a trifle awkward helping you, especially when you told us you wanted us to get a pic of you sitting on the nude's lap).

You marveled at the magnificence of Santiago's cathedral...

...and when we went to mass, you were so touched by the sermon that you decided to stop by the confessional box and have a talk with one of the priests, though the language barrier made things a little tricky.

You loved our lunch of artisan bread and local cheese, and I made sure to prove my point that you CAN find artisan bread in Spain, despite your doubts and nay-saying.

You loved relaxing in the Monte de Gozo park, and while the rest of us were artistic and pensive for an hour, you decided to take your pterodactyl for a ride.

This was your FAVORITE statue, though you're still not sure why it happens to be in a random Santiago park.

You just couldn't resist.

And when you saw these two little ladies you thought (as did I) that they were actual little street performers; we fantasized how this is going to be us when we grow old and shrink 2 feet.

Although you like men with mustaches the most, you befriended this cute little old bearded man.

All of us had to take a picture of our feet near the last shell on the Camino de Santiago after we finished our pilgrimage.

You LOVED the little octopi and cuttlefish we ate for dinner our last night!

Now, you and I both know that you're terrified by lawn gnomes, but we still made you get in the picture with the ones we found in the open air market, though you hid a little bit.

You found the cathedral to be impressive and a good representation of several different historical art styles.

Though we tried to stop your heathen practices, you thought it would be funny to pretend to jump inside the altar/goblet in the center of the cathedral's courtyard.

Each night when we went to bed in our little hostel, you were right there in Becca's bed, spooning (you did get a little frightened by the loud Spanish men who were partying in the living room until 6 am).

And when we rode the bus back to the airport, you had your own seat between Katy and I. Michelle, without you, this trip wouldn't have been the same.

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Geri said...

That was hysterical. Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter Michelle.