Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 6, OR, How My Dreams Come True, Andalucia Style

February 6
The train station where I take the train to Madrid, as well as where I have to cross over to get to our director's house. Every Sunday a group of us go over to her house and hang, which is where I was going while I snapped this. Sadly you can only see a little bit of the sunset.

February 7
This is our church building, and where I have my photo and religion classes every Monday.

February 8
This is an odd little statue we found as we left the Prado. What the little animal is, we're still not sure. Miniature dragon? Sea animal? Magical creature from Harry Potter? Yes.

February 9
La Mezquita is the one architectual phenomenon I've been waiting to see all semester. Arches? Check. Double arches? Double check. Over 800 red and white candy caned arches? Heaven!

February 10
This is the tomb of Christopher Columbus, found inside the cathedral in Sevilla. I had no idea that I'd get to see this little gem of history, but surprise! Columbus' tomb and remains have apparently been moved so many times, that it's said that he's traveled more dead than when he was alive. Skeptics have questioned whether he's really in there, and in 2004 they did a DNA test to prove that is was him, but the test results only proved that it's "probably" him, which is good enough for me.

February 11
One of the many reflecting pools within La Alhambra in Granada.

February 12
After frantically searching for the spice market in Granada in the Arabic area of town, we finally found it! The alleyways smelled so rich and aromatic and I was in love with all of the colors! And this is actually one of Becca's pics that she took on my camera because her camera died, but I claim it as half mine.

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