Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 7, OR, How I Get Back to My Roots

February 13
The Madrid temple! We had stake conference this Sunday at the stake center right next to the temple, so of course I snapped a couple of pics.

February 14
Alright, so I actually cheated with this one. This is actually a pic from the concert I went to on Saturday night (more about this later) and not from Valentine's Day, but I didn't take any pictures today, and I felt uninspired as to what should be my pic of the day, until I ran across this little gem. (By the way, the reason for this pic will be explained later). Unfortunately, this is as close as most of you are going to be to my lips until April, but I hope it suffices! Consider it a kiss from me to you! Happy V-Day!

February 15
This week has been pretty chill and low-key after our crazy traveling adventures of last week so I had a lot of free time to hang. Instead of doing homework and studying for my Spanish grammar test on Thursday (kill me now), I watched a couple hours of this show. Thank you internet!

February 16
After years of searching for the perfect boots, weeks of having cold, wet feet, and hours of contemplating whether I should buy my perfect boots, I did! And my feet and body have never been happier! I saw these boots a couple weeks ago in a random store in the mall, and after trying them on and realizing that these were THE boots, I went home empty handed because I was lacking in funds. But I went back and finally bought them, and I couldn't be happier (I may have even jumped up and down a couple times as I left the store)! LOVE!

February 17
Becca and I in front of the Madrid temple. After a month and a half of being here, we finally had a group temple trip. It was interesting to find out that I wasn't the only one who had been desiring to go--everyone in our group had been longing for it, and it felt like there was a collective sigh of relief once we walked through the doors. Definitely a good evening.

February 18
Toledo skyline and us, doing what we do best. I can't even tell you how much this picture describes all of us to a "t".

February 19
The four of us at the Neon Trees concert in Madrid. What started out as a completely random event, turned out to be one crazy Saturday night!

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