Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Sartorialist

After browsing the internet looking for outfit inspiration (and passing time at work) I came across The Sartorialist, a fashion blog that shows off day to day fashion of those of us on the streets. Here are a couple looks I enjoy:
Alright, so this look is actually from Dolce and Gabbana's runway, but this is something I would totally love to wear. The pencil skirt, the amazing heels, and the idea of the fitted, v-neck top all scream me.

I'm not exactly sold on the look on the right, but the look on the left is totally mine. I have the shoes, all I need is the dress.

I'm not in love with the colors of this dress (actually, there's no way in heck I'd be caught in orange--honestly, a redhead in orange? there's no way), but the peephole cutout in the bodice, the collar, and the a-line full skirt are to-die for.

The skirt is classic, but paired with the more conservative top and the funky heels only add pizazz to an already great outfit.

Definitely a spring look I'd love to emulate.

Same with this look. Love.

I love the playfulness of colors, her thick ponytail, and 1950's flair.

Again, love the pop of color, the trench, and her shoes--fabulous!

And just because I can, here's some eye candy for us all:
Obviously not something I would wear, but if I could find a man that wears this...

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