Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Know Something You Don't Know

When I was in high school, one day, (for some obscure reason), the conversation of matching underwear came up. I had never adhered to this "fashion rule" (or lingerie rule, however you want to see it), and a couple of my friends were SHOCKED. I don't think I was at that point in my life to start caring if my underwear matched, or was even appealing to look at (and for the most part I still don't), but my friend couldn't believe that I didn't matched colors or patterns. How could I, though, when all of my underwear was white? But I guess I did have matching underwear because it all lacked color, but I had never given the thought to actually go out and buy fun undergarments. Who knew that you could express yourself through your underwear? It took me a long time to be convinced with my friend's argument about matching underwear, but once I started adhering to what the rule had to offer, I learned a "valuable" lesson: even if others can't see how great an item or clothing is, YOU know that it's there. The confidence that comes with that knowledge is the reason why a lot of people are successful- they know that their underwear looks great. The point, though, is that even if no one is going to see your cool underwear, or those great earrings, or a fun pair of socks, you know they're there and so be confident in that little secret.

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