Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Broad Abroad!

So these past couple months have been nuts. I won't go into the gritty details, but moral of the story is that I'm going on a study abroad to Madrid, Spain, through BYU! I literally cannot wait to go! I feel like I'm itching to get overseas. Oddly though, it doesn't feel like I'm going, even though I have the plane ticket, I've paid the deposit that guarantees my spot, I know where I'm living in Madrid, and have my passport. This whole thing is so surreal that I know it won't feel real until my bags are packed and I step through customs into a foreign culture.
Fortunately, even though I recently graduated from BYU this past August, I was accepted to the program. The only glitch in the system is that the student loan I thought I was going to be able to get (I'll be a full-time student once I start the program in January) I'm not eligible for, because according to the federal government I'm not a full-time student in a degree seeking program. Awesome. That means that I have to rely on my pitiful savings and the grace of my mother's loan of her own money to pay for my trip. And this is where I start tightening my belt.
As of right now I'm attending my prep class through BYU to prepare me for the my months abroad, as well as tying up loose ends. By that I mean that I'm trying to sell my contract, find the funds to finish paying for my tuition, etc. Here's a list of everything I've had to get done, as well as what I've accomplished. I swear though--I feel like I'm leaving on a mission, because I've seriously had to consider EVERYTHING.

To Do:
  • buy contacts
  • change oil in car and get crack in front car window shield fixed (for when I return my car back to Cali while I'm in Madrid)
  • post contract on KSL and Craigslist
  • sell contract
  • pick up backpack from study abroad office
  • ask BYU computers if I can rent a laptop to take overseas--if no, then find a laptop to borrow/purchase
  • look into getting cheaper train ticket booklet for overseas from BYU
  • find out about where I'm going to store my things while I'm gone
  • finish paying for study abroad
  • plan trips for "off" weekends and email schedule to the program director
  • get haircut prior to leaving
What I've Accomplished:
  • bought plane ticket
  • posted contract on BYU housing
  • paid deposit
  • paid for and picked up my ISIC card (International Student Identification Card--it'll let me get huge discounts to tourist attractions, museums, etc.)
  • updated blog about travel stuff and am actually blogging! :)
  • sent letter out to family members letting them know of my financial situation in accordance with my trip
Still a lot to do, but I feel like I've accomplished a lot, right? I'll definitely keep everyone updated though on what I get done. I hope it's soon 'cause I have a full plate!

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