Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't Worry-I haven't Been Taken. Or at Least Not Yet.

Hello, my lovelies! I can't believe this, but I'm blogging to you from Paris! Increyable! So far I've seen nothing of Paris, just because we landed this evening and were only on the train and metro until we got off at our stop near our apartment, but I can tell that I'm going to fall in love with this city in a matter of hours.
Becca, Michelle and I are staying in a loft apartment in Paris, right down the street from the Bastille (yes, THAT Bastille-eeeee!), and we're stoked to see the city and have a heyday living it up! The good thing is that even though we've heard horror stories about how the Paris Metro system is extremely sketch and dangerous, we were lucky enough to make it here without any harm, or loss of luggage, persons, or valuables. Result!
Since we got in so late, our original plan to go to a market/grocery store to buy food was dashed, but luckily we found this in our little apartment:

3 yogurts, chips, and a bag of popcorn that we brought with us from Spain. However, it was only semi-cooked, burnt popcorn that we nibbled around because our microwave in our apartment is of the devil, and when we tried to make the popcorn, it almost lit on fire. So Becca burnt it over the stove instead. And almost set off our smoke alarm--oh, wait. We don't have one of those.

These are our horrible gross pit stains and sweat stains from all of our efforts carrying 2 large backpacks and 4 pieces of luggage through the Paris Metro system. Woo!

Lovely boot sock sweating stains.

And then I got really sad once I saw that the really small shower is just like the shower that Pilar has. I HATE these showers. Drop something, and you're not seeing it again until you exit.

Our night ended when Becca changed into her new leggings and pranced around our little apartment in them--she actually ended up buying the wrong pair; she meant to buy these amazing leggings that Michelle and I own with fuzzy, soft sweater-like material on the inside of them that kept our little legs warm all throughout the cold Mediterranean winter in Spain. Instead, Becca bought leggings that are scandalously see-through with garter-type stripes around both of her thighs. I documented this discovery, but for some reason she refused to let me post them on the blog. Weird.

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