Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bridget, DAHLING!

So there's a facebook status going around where you grab the closest book to you, open up to page 56 and post the 5th sentence on the page as your status. Not wanting to feel left out, I grabbed my copy of Bridget Jones's Diary (the only book I brought with me that could fit in my suitcase) and opened to page 56 but realized that it's a chapter title page with "March: Severe Birthday-Related Thirties Panic", so turned to page 57 (which I'm sure still counts) and read the 5th sentence: "She was sitting in front of the mirror in an expensive-looking coffee-colored bra-slip, mascara-ing her eyelashes with her mouth wide open (necessity of open mouth during mascara application great unexplained mystery of nature)". I think this suits me QUITE well. I'd post a pic of me to go along with said status, but realized my bra-slip is teal, not coffee-colored.

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A Mitton said...

I just found this and I love it.

I really need to blog stalk you more.