Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 1, OR, How My Laziness Saved Our House From Flooding

Day 1
My futon bed at my Dad's. Though it may not look like much, I love it. AND it comes with peace of mind, comfort, and no guilt. Yay for perks!

Day 2
My bed at my Mom's. This is the second best bed I've ever slept on in my entire life thanks to a pillow-top mattress. Essentially sleeping here=sleeping on a cloud.

Day 3a
This is the pipe that connects from your toilet to the wall that controls water pressure. The reason it's the picture of the day is also the reason as to how my laziness saved our house from flooding. My mom had wanted to go to San Francisco and see the sights and shop, but I was feeling extremely lazy and tired, and the thought of having to get out of my comfortable bed prior to 10 was not appealing. Instead, I decided to pick up my room and clean. As I was in this process, I heard a pop, and what sounded to be a jet stream of water hitting the wall. I thought that possibly something was wrong with my shower, but as I went to check, I saw that there was a jet stream of water, but coming from the wall near the toilet, and not the shower. After turning off the water, I saw that a part of the pipe had broken. And it was at this point that I realized that if my mom and I had gone to San Francisco, our house would be flooded, or at least my room, my mom's room, and our living room, including all of my electronics and new pieces of luggage. Thankfully, however, it didn't. I'd like to say that the Spirit prompted me to stay home, but you'll probably just see it as laziness. My mom did.

Day 3b
If you look closely, you can see that the white ring surrounding the tip of the pipe is completely broken, which results in a disaster.

Day 4
In case you don't know what this is a picture of, I'll tell you: it's a package of light bulbs for your brake lights. The reason this happens to be the picture of the day is because as my mom and I were running errands, my mom got pulled over by a cop because a) she wasn't wearing a seat belt (even though I had told her to put it on, and had every day for the past 2 weeks), and b) one of our brake lights was out. Luckily for her, the cop took sympathy in her tears and only gave her a "fix-it" ticket, but I had a good laugh afterward at the irony.

Day 5
Oakland Temple=my favorite. So far, I've attended the temple every week, for the past 4 weeks.

Day 6
All the piles of things I brought home with me that I need to go through prior to my departure.

Day 7a
This is Lightning, my youngest brother's dog. Although he may seem cute, I want to kill him every morning. Why? Just imagine him jumping on top of you every morning, as well as licking your face in anticipation of you getting up. At 5:30.

Day 7b
To get back at waking me up at ungodly hours, my step-mom and I dressed him in his Halloween costume that's a little too small for his body.

Day 7c
This may be the saddest picture I've ever seen. But hilarious.

Day 7d
Just in case you couldn't grasp the full effect.

Day 8
My life for the next 3 1/2 months has been reduced to this.

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KirstieBirstie said...

I imagine bringing that little would be so hard for you, it would be for meee!! I miss you! Have fun!!