Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Prado

Unlike the National Archeological Museum and other art museums in Madrid, the Prado does not allow pictures to be taken at all while inside. Although somewhat frustrating, it's understandable: they are the 2nd most well known and visited museum after the Louvre. Instead of photographs of art, below are some copies of the original from the grand old web that I've seen and are my favorites.

This past weekend was the last weekend of the Rubens exhibit, and luckily I got in on one of the last days and had the chance to see 90 pieces of his art. His Orpheus and Eurydice painting was my favorite, though I liked almost all of them.

Goya's The Clothed Maja

Goya's The Naked Maja
Even though this painting in the series is more well known than The Clothed Maja, I feel as if the feelings of sensuality and allurement can be better felt in the previous painting

Velazquez's Las Meninas

Goya's The Family of Charles IV

Goya's Saturn Devouring one of his Children
One of the coolest things about this painting other than the subjects is that this painting hangs in a room dedicated to Goya's dark and depressing art. The room is set with darkened "mood lighting" and adorned with art similar in dampening emotion and "angst" as this famous piece

Goya's The Third of May
I had no idea that this painting is actually the second in a series, the first being The Second of May. This one by itself is pretty powerful, but combined with the prior piece are overwhelming with emotion

Titian's Danae and the Shower of Gold
Titian's ability to express emotion in such an evocative setting astounds me

Titian's Saint Margaret
Again, powerful expression that you can feel

Francisco de Zurbarán's Saint Elizabeth of Portugal

Francisco de Zurbarán's Saint Ursula--this isn't the exact piece I like, but I can't find the correct one because it's a reproduction of another Saint Ursula painting, however, I love the colors and the way he's positioned her holding the arrow

Antonio Muñoz Degrain's The Lovers of Tereul

Antonio Muñoz Degrain's Before the Wedding

Antonio Gisbert's The Execution of Torrijos and his Companions on the Beach at Málaga
This painting had the most effect on me out of any in the museum. The painting is so large that the figures are life size, if not bigger, and the story behind what's happening in the painting is enough to get you a little teary eyed.

I still haven't seen 1/4 of the museum yet, but I can guarantee you there's even more art I'm going to fall in love with.

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