Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sushi in Spain?

Yes, that's right. Apparently they make and eat sushi in Spain. Who would have thought? Luisa and I actually have another roommate Yumi (pronounced "you-me") from Japan who is also studying Spanish (can we say random?) through the same program that we're doing, and I believe that she taught Pilar how to make sushi or something, because Pilar's been going around the house exclaiming, "Sushi on Thursday! I'm making sushi for dinner!" all week. Except with her Spanish accent "sushi" sounds more like "sue-see", and at one point I actually thought she was trying to say my name the first time I heard "sue-see". Unlike Luisa's legit Latin name that spans cultural barriers, my name is a tad bit harder to say, and a little too Anglicized. Pilar has a lot of difficulty pronouncing the "Ch" of Chelsey, so my name sounds more like "Shess-sea" or something to that effect, so you can see why I was confused when I heard "sue-see".
Finally though, tonight was the night that we had been hearing about all week: "sue-see" night was upon us.

Pilar in her robed glory cutting the sushi rolls

And what did Luisa eat for dinner? Fried chicken and steak, which is a typical occurrence whenever we have seafood. Lucky for me though: pickiness was beaten out of me as a child, so I enjoyed my sushi.

Mid bite--delicious, if not filled with a LOT of rice


KirstieBirstie said...

Okay, I can't see this shirt you are wearing in it's full glory--but it looks hot!! And now I want sushi!!

Chelsey Clay said...

Thanks Kirs! I'll have to make a post about everything I've purchased here--that shirt was definitely one of them (btw, H&M is so much better here!) I miss you!