Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The National Archaeological Museum

When I went to the Museo Arqueologico Nacional last week I got to take pictures of whatever was there as long as I had my flash off, so I went photo crazy. Below are pictures of my favs.

This is actually a picture of the Cibele Fountain in front of the Palacio de Comunicaciones and not part of the museum, but I like it so it's up

I'm just so infatuated with her

How can you not love the sphinx?

This is actually a picture from my friend's blog that you can find here. I don't remember seeing this, otherwise I would have multiple copies of my own to choose from. Is this not beautiful? I can't even imagine the hours upon hours of craftsmanship that went into making this.

The Dama Elche-- this is the most famous piece of work not only in the museum, but of the ancient Iberian culture

I think her headdress looks like Leia's buns, and apparently Spain has a thing for Star Wars, because this is the second reference I've made to that hallowed series within a 2 week period

The carved details actually look like the cloth it's supposed to represent--amazing

This was my favorite piece from the collection. I love the flow of lines and the way the sculpture shows such defined curves and movement

Yeah, the Romans knew their curves

The building at night is just as beautiful, if not more than it is during the day

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