Friday, December 31, 2010

Boredom Gives Way to Blogging

I'm sure no one cares who my celebrity crushes are, but because I'm trying to kill some extra time at home and escape from family, I've decided to post them. Here they are in all their glory:

David Denman, or Roy from "The Office"--I'm in love with his scruff, and the fact that he's a bigger guy. I can't stop looking at him, but I probably should because otherwise my heart won't be able to take all the fluttering and skipping.

John Tenney, or FBI Agent Fritz Howard from "The Closer"--if you watched the show, you'd understand. Again, I love the 5 'o clock shadow.

John Slattery, who plays Roger Sterling from "Mad Men"--there is no other silver fox like Slattery. I'll just go swoon now.

And the one, the only, Leonardo DiCaprio, because he's pretty, and has possibly been my celeb crush since I was 10.

Skeet Ulrich. He played the bad boy character from one of my favorite preteen movies from the 90's, The Craft. And how can you not be sexy with a name like Skeet? Mmmm. Just--mmmm.

Richard Armitage. He played Guy of Gisborne in a BBC drama series of "Robin Hood", and my personal favorite, Mr. Thornton from North and South, who is 10 times better than Mr. Darcy, because Thornton actually works for his money.


Sra said...

You left out Richard. I am offended.

Chelsey Clay said...

It's now fixed, just for you Sara!

Katy said...

WOW I didn't know anyone else in the world knew Skeet's name!! Becca and I became briefly intrigued by him when we watched that show Jericho on netflix. It's, um, it's not that good. But HE is.

Sra said...

Ok. You are forgiven.

Chelsey Clay said...

Thank you, thank you. And hex yes I know Skeet's name! I LOVE him! Katy, have you seen him in the movie "The Magic of Ordinary Days"? It's a Hallmark movie, and he plays a quiet farmer in it with Keri Russell, and it's fantastic!