Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another Year Gone

We all can't believe that another year has passed once it gets to the holiday season, but this year has flown by for me. Although, like any other year in the lineup, 2010 seemed to be chalk full of achievements and milestones for me, among other things. Although it's Christmas right now, I feel like I'm emotionally stuck in May, waiting for my summer to begin. Because I love lists and putting things in order, even though my life may be in disarray, here are some of this past year's highlights:
  • moved into a new house with 1 bathroom and 5 girls I didn't know, as well as a ward in which I knew no one
  • met and lived with 2 of my best friends (from that same pack of 5 girls) for about 11 months
  • took 20 credits fall semester, 19 credits winter semester, and then maxed out my credit hours during spring and summer semesters
  • swam in a crater
  • went on adventurous bike rides on my bike Gigi-Greta
  • graduated from BYU
  • added texting to my cell phone plan (trust me--it was a big achievement for me)
  • got accepted to a BYU study abroad to live in Madrid
  • wrote and received my first missionary letter
  • got my first kiss
  • attended the temple for the first time in a long time
As I look back at all that's happened in the last year, I can't believe that things have drastically changed from the beginning of this year to now. What I may have thought to be true at the beginning of the year, don't necessarily apply to the end. Weird how things have changed so much in a year. Bring on 2011!


A Mitton said...

Woah, woah, woah, Chels. I obviously haven't talked to you in ages. First kiss? I want to hear the story! I love first kiss stories (who doesn't?).

Also, I'm SO excited that you get to go to Spain. I can't wait to blog/facebook stalk you and hear about it. I hope you don't mind that I do that :)

Chelsey Clay said...

Allie--I'll have to tell you my first kiss story soon, and PLEASE stalk me when I'm gone! It'll make me think that at least someone's reading my blog!