Sunday, May 17, 2009

Provo Library Children's Book Festival

So yesterday I attended the Provo City Library's Children's Literature Festival which was a ton of fun. The library has had this event for two years now (I believe), and each year has been a smashing success. I had a blast meeting lots of new authors, yet I still didn't have enough time to go to the selected readings and forums that some of the authors were giving, which was disheartening. Hopefully there's next year, right? Anyway, I got these authors to sign my books (among my friends' relatives' and co-workers'):
Shannon Hale
Brandon Mull
Brandon Sanderson
Mette Ivie Harrison
Jessica Day George
I had met Shannon and both Brandon's from last year's event, but Jessica and Mette were new. I had thought of meeting them both last year but thought I should have actually read both of their books prior to getting them signed. I still didn't have time to read Mette's book, but I have the ambition to read it! I swear! Hopefully next year I can meet James Dashner and let him know that I actually have read his books and enjoyed them. All in all, it was a successful event with tons of crazy and hyper children running about with loud ear-piercing cries (which we all know equals a hit).
It was cute though-- Darcie and I met these two kids, a brother and sister ages 13 and 16ish, who were excited to meet Brandon Mull. The boy was so excited to meet him, and was asking aloud whether Brian Jacques was going to be here, and even Tolkien. We sadly had to tell him that we were pretty sure Jacques lives in Scotland and that Tolkien was signing books for fans on the other side. We let him know that this event was for local authors; his sister was slightly embarrassed, but we reassured them both. They were both adorable, and hopefully we run into them both next year.
Oh, this is totally random, but while I was in line waiting to meet Jessica Day George, there was a woman behind me that looked really familiar. I was trying to remember where I remember seeing her and after I second of contemplation realized that she was the one to host Rick Riordan here last February ('08). (Her name is Mrs. Moody from Dixon Middle School). I told her that I was so thankful that she was able to get him out here and that his presence in the greater Wasatch area seriously made my life. She then told me the story of how she got him to come out here: she randomly sent him an email asking if he would be at all available to visit her school/area to do a book signing and presentation for her school because her kids love him and would love the chance to meet him. He wrote back saying he would be available at such and such a time and gave her the price of what it would cost to host him. She responded and said there would be no way she could afford him but he said that yes she could. He asked her what she could afford to spend to have him out for 3 days, she let him know, and he said that he would love to come- he said he was excited to come-he had never been to Utah before.
I was floored when I heard her story- it was seriously a fluke that I ended up seeing a flier that told of his coming to the Barnes and Noble in Orem. I was volunteering for one day at Dixon Middle School for my American Heritage class and while I was waiting for an assignment I was examining my surroundings in a classroom and saw the flier for his book signing. I seriously started jumping with joy (on the inside). I couldn't believe my luck. If I had not signed up for volunteering that day I would never have met him. It was fate, I swear. It was awesome. And I love Mrs. Moody from Dixon Middle. She has some great ideas for her students- she was getting a ton of hardback books signed by authors there at the event because if her kids meet their reading goals by the end of the year she would try and get a signed copy of one of their favorite books, or give them a book of their choosing. That's dedication right there.

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