Sunday, September 26, 2010

Provo Children's Library Book Festival

As I was going through my list of posts that have been sitting on the back-burner as I awaited finishing school, graduating, moving, etc., I realized that I completely forgot to create a post about the Provo Children's Library Book Festival from this past May. Wow. Talk about a brain lapse. And this year it was PHENOMENAL! One of the main reasons for it's elevated status is because I got to meet Jennifer Holm, author of the Boston Jane series (one of my favorites), as well as the author of the ever popular Baby Mouse comics. Though she was the keynote author, I was surprised at how little attended her line was for signings, but I got over the shock once I started talking to her and realized that I could have a 10 minute conversation with her, which is what I did. Definitely the highlight of my day, and year.

After chatting with the hilarity that is Holm, I quickly jumped into the Shannon Hale author signing line with a friend because she had some new books of Hale's that she wanted to get signed for herself and her family. Once we got to the table and started talking with her, we realized that she was pregnant with twins, which promptly became the subject of our conversation. What was she going to name them? Did they know the sex of the babies? Had they considered naming them after famous Superhero duos? Our little chat was probably the best of the day, which was greater intensified because of our super long wait, but most definitely worth it.

Although I didn't spend as much time as I have in the past at the book festival because I've already had the pleasure of meeting several of the authors, I was glad that I made the festival a "must" on my summer "to-do" list. I just can't wait for what next year has to bring!

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