Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ghost Girl

I had a hard time getting into Ghost Girl by Tanya Hurley. I wanted to like this book, I really did. Everything from the concept of the story to the book cover intrigued me, but alas, I could not be persuaded to read more than 50 pages. Lately I've been in a non-reading mood (weird, I know) and I've had a lot of intolerance and impatience for books. All I want is a really good book that will keep me focused, but I haven't been able to find one yet. Ghost Girl seemed like it would be interesting, but within the first 50 pages I got sick of the main character talking about how invisible she was and how she wanted to re-invent herself so that she could become popular and attract the cutest boy in school, blah blah blah. Sorry. I don't buy it. And I'm tired of all YA books being about this, or at least close to this topic. I love the idea of this book, and I'm sure that I quit reading it right before the good parts started, but it shouldn't take 50 pages to get good. Isn't the beginning of the book supposed to be written and rewritten multiple times so that readers won't fall into this trap?


Breanne said...

Are you saying you CAN'T judge a book by it's cover? There goes my whole method.

Hirsche Family said...

I had the same problem with this book. Though I don't think I even made it to 50 pages. I did leave it on my "to read" list, maybe if I try it again later I might be more in the right frame of mind for it, or something.