Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Offical Reading List- Fall Semester 2008

So I did it. I read 43 books this semester. Yeah. And I wonder why my grades suffered this semester (it's my worst semester academically yet). Though in my defense I did have to read at least 30 books for my YA lit class, so technically it was just this class that screwed me. I did find a couple books out there that I love and some that were not worth my time and should not have even been published, but I'm glad I'm done "speed reading". My quota on average for the semester was roughly 2 books per week. Crazy. Now I just have to explain to my parents who are paying for my schooling why I'm now going to have less than a 3.0. Joy.


Sheila A. Nielson said...

You should be proud! Wait, didn't I already say that? Well you should be.

Chelsey Clay said...

Thanks Sheila! Though I'd like to hear how many books you read per month as well! We should have a battle- a reading battle. It would be sweet.